What Were They Thinking?

Our Posture Tells A Story... Times have changed, our beliefs change, our thinking changes and our posture reflects all that and more. We have so many tools available to us to remain healthy, fit and vital. Free of corsets and limited thinking. Powerful tools like meditation can lead to calming the mind and reducing our stress levels. Exploring creative expression to find fulfillment. Working with our mind and directing our thinking, can support balanced responses to life situations. Our posture is an integrated dynamic that encompasses many things. Without being conscious, we are at the mercy of gravity, injury, repetitive actions and cultural / peer pressures. Taking lessons in the Alexande

Breath, Sound, Speak, Sing

As an Alexander teacher since 1993, I find that the principles of the Alexander Technique continue to guide my awareness to new levels – just as there are many layers to an onion, there are many dimensions to sensing, feeling and embodiment. When one continues to put the AT principles to use in daily & in professionally demanding activities, the technique supports an aligned body that keeps one free from stuck stress and tension. Breathing has always been an important aspect of my teaching and together with Pipa Pinon, we travel from breathing, into sounding, into speaking and project into singing. “Sing your Body & Move your Voice” brings me together with Pipa Pinon on Sunday July 10th to o

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