Meet the inspiring - Bianca Molle!

Bianca is a true inspiration. Hear her story on my Youtube channel, "Happy Health Podcast". She has a heart warming story that she shares in healing from Parkinson's with the practice of Chigong! The Chi-Lel Chigong certification that I received at the Medicineless Hospital in China is something that has been of tremendous value and assistance in my own healing journey. Look out for classes and workshops to be announced soon where I share this practice with you! With affection, Rita

Happy Health Podcast Debut

Hello Friends - I just started my YouTube Channel where I will be broadcasting my podcast on alternative approaches in healing, well-being and graceful aging! Please watch us on YouTube, consider subscribing to the channel and give it a thumbs up. This first episode is a brief introduction and episode #2 will be uploaded on January 24th, featuring Bianca Molle, an inspiring women who healed herself of Parkinson's with Chigong. With Affection, Rita

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