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Interview with Kristin Maxwell - Is Posture the New Super Power?

My Private Work & Classes Offer Tools to Re-educate
Patterns of Stress and Imbalance in our Posture and Body/Mind Continuum


Are you conscious of your posture?

Does your movement feel free and graceful?

Or, is chronic back and neck discomfort part of your daily experience?

Do you breathe well, or do you experience your breath as shallow and restrictive?


Do you:

Sit for long hours?

Professionally play an instrument, sing or dance?

Have low energy?

Find it difficult to relax?

Have high stress?

Are you:

Aware of structural imbalances.

Recuperating from surgery or illness?

Slumped at a desk for hours?

People come to the Alexander Technique due to discomfort or pain and the AT offers skills in re-educating unconscious and poor postural habits that can bring relief to long standing issues.

People will gravitate to the practice of Chigong to consciously activate the Chi field within us, empowering our healing within this  infinite resource.

Working with a variety of Balls & Soft Rolling directly impacts the fascia and connective tissue, a great tool for the balance of our muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.


The skills that I teach serve as proactive measures in self-care that include:

Working with repetitive motion

Freeing the body for better performance

Becoming aware of and releasing old patterns held in the body

Deepen into how breath is experienced & expressed

Honoring the process of aging

Work with soft / firm balls & a soft roller to move stuck stress held in the fascia / connective tissue

Restorative Movement: Explore the spine in all planes, opening joints and finding more fluidity in how we move and balance




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"Rita Rivera is a true master of her craft. I started working with her to address my chronic pain and low moods. After 6 months of regular private sessions, my pain was gone and my depression lifted significantly. I recently completed a 175 mile hike without any major pain - something I would never have attempted a year ago. Rita coached me on shifting my mindset through chi-gong and honing my sensitivity as opposed to repressing it. 


A lot of the work I did with Rita was hands on, Alexander technique style exercises and adjustments somewhat similar to a massage but with an overriding focus on fluidity and softness. I moved on to learn private dance with Rita and again, she helped me to integrate fluidity into my movements and everyday life. She is professional, intuitive and incredibly talented at what she does. I highly recommend working with her."

Liz, Santa Cruz

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"Rita has been my Alexander Technique and Melt healer for a few years, now.  I am 63 and in a profession that puts a lot of stress on my spine and neck. Add to that the stress on joints from dancing and working out. Rita's training in-person and online has resolved so many pain and stiffness issues and trained me to move in a way that enhances rather than harms bones and joints. 

She is expert at explaining and directing people on how to move, dance and thrive".

C.B., Santa Cruz

Chronic Pain Summit

Posture & Self Esteem

Breathe Into Breakthrough Summit

Learn about the Alexander Technique

Movement, Balance, Integration...


Movement can be expressed outwardly and inwardly in a myriad of ways. From the power of sport or dance to the subtlies of breathing and minute cellular action, the language of movement is vast and varied.


Balance is dynamic, ever changing and informing. I like to think of balance as a kind of “sixth sense” that informs our actions, our rest and our play.


Integration is intelligence and connectivity, a system that supports the whole structure. Integration provides a stable dynamic home that gives us the foundation for growth and fulfillment.


The experience of embodiment is a potent way to bring consciousness into the journey of our lives, and I offer a unique approach to the ebb and flow process that heals and balances.

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