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Restorative Movement & Dance

My Restorative Movement & Dance classes are influenced by my life long dance training and my passion and commitment for the healing arts, cultivating Grace, Fluidity, Coordination and Strength.


Restorative Movement & Dance classes incorporate:

The principles of the Alexander Technique, Breath, Embodied  Anatomy, Soft balls & Soft Roller and simple repetitive movements.

  • Class begins on the floor, warming up and connecting with our breath to explore fluidity around joints and in our musculature.

  • We progress to standing, moving the spine through different planes of movement.

  • The barre is next with simple explorations for finding length, stretch, strength and coordination.

  • Followed by simple movement patterns across the floor.

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Rita Rivera’s Restorative Movement Class, based upon the Alexander Technique, has allowed me to begin to move toward a level integration in body awareness that somehow years of yoga and other movement training had still missed.


I can take what I’ve learned here and reapply it to my yoga practice. Already my balance in standing poses has increased because I am becoming better able to integrate my limbs with my spine. As a yoga teacher, I am aware that people look at how I hold myself, and yet I struggle with posture issues related to previous injuries as well as scoliosis.

Rita’s Restorative Movement has started to give me a new and

subtle language of posture to help increase my physical presence and poise. When I first found out about the class I had an intuitive sense that I had to try it and I’m so glad that I did!

~Mina Kelly, RYT 200, Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

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