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Restorative Movement & Dance


My Restorative Movement & Dance classes have been designed by my life long dance training and my 30+ years in the healing arts. The classes incorporate the principles of the Alexander Technique, breath, basic anatomy and simple repetitive movements to build: strength


balanced postural dynamics in our movements

and... we have fun!


We use our mind and our thinking to shift our actions as we restore ease and grace into our body

and our movements.

Restorative Movement & Dance is a reflection of my journey through professional dance, certification in the Alexander Technique and the healing arts. I saw a need for cultivating "embodied intelligence" where grace, fluidity coordination and strength find integration.

Most of us love to dance, some of us are closet dancers and some of us spend too much time judging our body, the way

we move and the limitations that we perceive.

My Signature Class:


  • We begin on the floor and slowly warm up the spine & back, guided by our breath.

  • We gently rock, roll and spiral as we continue to open our back.

  • We focus on the hip sockets and bring awareness to the hip flexors.

  • At the barre, we explore stretched lines (classical approach) as I weave in movements of release and integration.

  • We then move across the floor in simple patterns.



On-going Saturday mornings

11:00am -1:00pm


Dance is 11:00-1pm. Followed by 30 minutes of Melt (optional)


Motion Pacific Dance Studio

131 Front Street

Downtown Santa Cruz



Restorative Dance & Movement


        Highlighting the Alexander Technique


Rita Rivera’s Restorative Movement Class, based upon the Alexander Technique, has allowed me to begin to move toward a level integration in body awareness that somehow years of yoga and other movement training had still missed. I can take what I’ve learned here and reapply it to my yoga practice. Already my balance in standing poses has increased because I am becoming better able to integrate my limbs with my spine. As a yoga teacher, I am aware that people look at how I hold myself, and yet I struggle with posture issues related to previous injuries as well as scoliosis. 

Rita’s Restorative Movement has started to give me a new and

subtle language of posture to help increase my physical presence and poise.  When I first found out about the class I had an intuitive sense that I had to try it and I’m so glad that I did!

~Mina Kelly, RYT 200, Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

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