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Soft Rolling


Restorative Movement


Over the years, my focus on integration within our structure, led me to develop "Restorative Movement".

This approach is about moving with conscious awareness and sensing our underlying fluid nature.


We use an assortment of balls: hard & soft, large & small, along with a softer roller to work with the body's connective tissue, or fascia. Connective tissue surrounds all aspects of the body - including muscles, bones, nerves and organs.

Current research shows that connective tissue is a body wide system that supports, protects and stabilizes.

This system is responsive and adaptable.

Stress and dehydration of the connective tissue is often the underlying cause of daily aches and stiffness that leads to chronic pain - adversely impact posture and the way we breathe.

For in-person attendance, I will have all the equipment that you need. 
If attending virtually, you will need the following:


Props Needed:

1) Softer Roller (as compared to a hard Styrofoam roller)

I recommend the Melt Roller:

Under Products: “Soft Roller”


Or, a less expensive version:

Order the Pro Roller 36” x 6”


2) Two large squishy balls: Purchase 2 balls.


3) A set of small soft balls & a set of hard small balls

To get the most out of this class, I recommend the Melt Hand & Foot Treatment Kit. It will have the right sizes and density:

Under Products: “Hand & Foot Treatment Kit”


Or, a less expensive version of, only the soft balls, can be purchased here. If you choose this option, you will only be working with the soft small balls.

Under Products: Mini Balls

Rita Rivera

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