The MELT Method


The designer of the Melt Method - Sue Hitzmann - was an international fitness presenter and although she appeared to be in perfect health, she suffered from debilitating pain in her left foot. With a masters degree in exercise science and advanced training in neuromuscular therapy, she thought it would be easy to figure out what was going on in her body. Prominent doctors and physical therapists could not explain the pain that threatened to end her career and she watched the quality of her life decline.

In her quest to live an active and pain free life, she became fascinated by the emerging science of connective tissue, or fascia, which surrounds all aspects of the body - including muscles, bones, nerves and organs. The researchers that she met were discovering that connective tissue - the system of the body that supports, protects and stabilizes was responsive, adaptable and renewable.

Sue came to realize that connective tissue dehydration and the stress that can create, is the underlying cause of daily aches and stiffness that leads to chronic pain. Through her personal exploration and her private practice she developed the Melt Method.


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The Melt Method uses soft & hard balls and a soft roller to re-balance and re-hydrate the connective tissue.

If you plan on coming to my Melt Class and will be practicing the Hand and Foot Treatments at home,
I recommendation you purchase the Hand & Foot Treatment Kit and a roller. There are "bundles" that
can be purchased on the site as well. Use the link below.