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 Quantum Healing

The Quantum Field reflects the Nature and Behavior of Matter and Energy.

We are like a spark, a reflection, or a fractal of this field - And, accessing this continuum gives us the ability to address fragmented pieces that keep us locked in habituation and to embrace wholeness.


We are made up of trillions of cells filled with data. Frequencies from past life patterns, to familial time lines that affect our health, the way we think and our emotions - all impacting the choices we make and how we experience present reality.

We are multidimensional energy beings within a complex matrix of geometry. We are light encoded beings charged by the magnetic energy of the earth and the electrical streams of light from the celestrial energies within our galaxy. And, we are all unique, walking individual journeys with our own set of ancestor and family histories setting the backdrop as we navigate our lives.

Imagine vital life force moving through the body without blockages.

Imagine this life force is not hindered or hijacked by trauma, from this lifetime or another.

Imagine the imbalances we experience are seeking a new pathway, the embodiment of presence.

Imagine the Body Mind Spirit Continuum flowing in abundance.

Like spokes on a wheel, we'll explore many aspects that integrate together to create the whole - in no particular order.


  • Structural Alignment

  • Neurological Functioning

  • Organ & Gland Systems

  • Fluids

  • Movement of Breath

  • Emotions

  • Creativity

  • Spiritual Connection

  • Nutrition

  • Self Love

  • Meditation

  • Connection with Nature

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"Rita has an extraordinary gift that is allowing me to let go of my obsessive mental activity, need to be in control and fear of empty space.


I have taken both of her classes, Chi-gong & Embodied Anatomy / Soft Balls, Rolling & Restorative Movement, and these classes have shifted deeply held patterns.


The experiences that I've had with her Quantum Healing Program have brought me out of my fears of trusting and loving myself, and are allowing me to move into a true perception of who I am and my soul’s purpose. I could not have done this without her evolved knowledge, her connection to the quantum field, and her loving presence."

Paddy Easton Graves


”My healing session with Rita was super potent. She helped me connect to my spiritual essence and joy. Our session gave me the impetus to move forward on some important decisions. So, thank you! I do feel much lighter today! 


I highly recommend working with her.”

Karen M, Santa Cruz  

I have Parkisons and tension is my worst symptom. It’s not the kind of tension that can be eleviated in the usual ways. If it can be eliminated or reduced at all, it requires something deeper and more subtle.


I’m experimenting with Rita’s combination of offerings, including Chi-Gong and Alexander Technique. I’m encouraged and amazed. I was able to feel much more fluid and retain that feeling for some time.


I don’t attribute this only to Rita’s unique combination of skills, but also to her artistry. I think her background as a dancer in combination with her sensitivity, physical awareness, energy awareness, and attention to detail, enable her to apply these tools in a way that is attuned and effective for an individual no matter what their issue is.


She is also very enthusiastic - I’d even say passionate - about helping her clients. A very unique and rare combination of talents! 

C. Harrris

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