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Chigong & Restorative Movement: A Path to Healing


In 1996, I traveled with Luke Chan (Chi-Lel Chi-gong) for the first level of certification at the Medicine-less Hospital in China. This renowned center was founded by Dr. Pang, a Chigong grandmaster who was also a physician trained in both Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.

It was a 3-week journey with intensive learning and practice, and it was an extraordinary experience to witness all the healing that happened at the Center... I have lots of stories about that trip!

Over the years in my private practice, I’ve had many clients that come in with serious imbalances, from Parkinson’s to Chronic Pain to MS. I have full belief, that a committed Chigong practice would make a huge difference in the quality of their lives.


Whether you have a serious imbalance, desire more energy, are interested in reducing stress, or enjoy the practice as a preventive measure, consider Chi-gong as an essential component in your wellness plan!


In our weekly class time together, I will be presenting:

  • Restorative Movement

  • Variations of Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down

  • Sound Healing Practice

  • Guided Meditation

Your inner energy flow will begin to align with the flow of universal chi to activate healing, reduce stress, and cultivate a general sense of well-being and vitality.


Stress, injury, emotional and health imbalances can build up over a life time. A chi-gong practice will assist in shifting stagnant or blocked energy patterns.


The practice of sounding through the organ systems in Chigong will nourish the connectivity and harmony between all systems.  



Weekly classes, in-person, virtual or on-demand.

Private Coaching for Healing Support geared towards your needs.

Please view the videos below for personal stories on how this practice has impacted lives.


I’d like to introduce you to two individuals who have worked with Master Mington Gu. Master Gu, who has a center in New Mexico, was a student of Dr. Pang from the Medicine-less hospital. Their stories are inspiring.


Bianca Molle:

Tom Loeswick:


Download this pdf for Chigong class.
It explains the points for the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down Sequence.
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