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Embodied Anatomy





A Path to Healing


I have been taking Rita’s QiGong class for many months now and have seen a remarkable shift in my energy, health and overall well being.


As someone with chronic illness, having a space to find so much healing has been game changing.


Rita blends her understanding of QiGong along with other ideas and techniques which makes it a really fun and effective approach.

I’m grateful to have found my way to her classes.

Sarah G., artist/grad student


Rita is an extraordinarily gifted, thoughtful, generous, insightful, and articulate teacher.


I've studied both Qigong and Balls & Soft Rolling with her, and after each class, I always feel lighter in both body and spirit.


Her classes fly by and always plunge me into a deeper meditative state than anything else I've tried.


Highly recommend!

Veronica Wolff

Mondays 10am-11:30am In-person and Virtual

For monthly Subscribers:
Thursdays 8am-8:30am Brief practice & check-in
Access to on line recorded classes
Discounted Quantum Healing Sessions


In 1996, I traveled with Luke Chan (Chi-Lel Chi-gong) for the first level of certification at the Medicine-less Hospital in China.

This renowned center was founded by Dr. Pang, a Chigong grandmaster who was a physician trained in both Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.

It was an intense 3-week journey and it was extraordinary to witness all the healing that happened at "The Center".


I have lots of stories about that trip!

Over the years in my private practice, I’ve had many clients that come in with serious imbalances, from Parkinson’s to Chronic Pain to MS. I have full belief that a committed Chi-gong practice would make a huge difference in the quality of their lives.


Whether you have a serious imbalance, desire more energy, are interested in reducing stress, or enjoy the practice as a preventive measure, consider Chi-gong as an essential component in your wellness plan!


In our weekly classes we explore:

  • Restorative Movement - emphasizes gentle, mindful movements that prioritize rest, recovery, and self-care.

  • Variations of Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down.

  • Sound Healing Practice.

  • Guided Meditation.

  • Embodied Anatomy.

Your inner energy flow will begin to align with the flow of universal chi to activate healing, reduce stress, and cultivate a general sense of well-being and vitality shifting stagnant or blocked energy patterns. The practice of sounding through the organ systems in Chi-gong will nourish the connectivity and harmony between all systems.  


1.     Enhances energy flow: Gentle movements, breath awareness, and focused intention help to improve the flow of Chi throughout the body. When the energy flows smoothly, it can enhance vitality and strengthen the body's systems.

2.     Reduces stress and promotes relaxation: The practice can reduce stress levels and induce a state of deep relaxation. By activating the body's relaxation response, Chi-gong can lower blood pressure, decrease muscle tension, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

3.     Boosts the immune system: The gentle movements, breathing and sounding stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood, supporting the body's natural defense mechanisms and improving overall immune function.

4.     Improves balance and coordination: The practice can improve balance, coordination and proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body) reducing the risk of falls and enhancing overall physical stability.

5.     Enhances flexibility and strength: Regular practice can help improve joint mobility, muscle tone, and overall physical fitness.

6.     Supports mental and emotional well-being: Class combines physical movement with mental focus and meditation. This integrated practice can help calm the mind, reduce emotional distress, and improve overall mental well-being.

7.     Improves respiratory function: Class emphasizes breath awareness which can expand lung capacity, improve oxygen uptake, and enhance respiratory function.

8.     Promotes self-awareness and mindfulness: Class supports developing a heightened sense of self-awareness and mindfulness. By focusing attention on the present moment, our practice cultivates a deeper mind-body connection, helping individuals to better understand and respond to their physical, mental, and emotional needs.

                 Weekly classes, in-person, virtual or on-demand.

            Private Coaching for Healing Support geared towards your needs.


Review this PDF for the points used in Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down
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