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​IN Motion Posture Works!
An experiential audio CD based on the Alexander Technique

Our posture is the way we live in our body. What we express and the unexpressed, our likes and dislikes, the full range of our emotions and passions, and our physical history are the imprints that determine our posture.​ Habitual and unconscious posture has a trajectory that can be easily determined.


IN Motion Posture Works provides the necessary guidance and the beginning steps to lead you into new discoveries and subtle levels of body awareness. ​Finally, a solution to what many of my Alexander clients have been asking, “What can I do at home?”. Whether you have studied the Alexander Technique in the past or are completely unfamiliar with the technique, IN Motion Posture Works is a great educational tool on the fundamentals of posture. Each time you use IN Motion Posture Works your understanding of the material will deepen, offering you insights and opportunities to shift unconscious patterns.


Discover how your posture and your body can be dynamic, coordinated, and expressive!


​Along with four unique audio tracks IN Motion Posture Works comes with a booklet that provides guidelines for developing postural awareness and an overview of basic anatomy. ​​


Four Audio Tracks:


Living Posture - Taking a Stand, Taking a Step

Enhance your perceptions of how you stand and how you walk. We focus on the feet, legs and the integration of the legs into the pelvis. We explore breath as an important component to posture.


In Motion - Meeting the Chair

Enhance your perceptions of the vertical axis and its components, in both sitting and standing. We explore breathing and its relationship to the diaphragm.​


Pliable Ribs - Dynamic Shoulders

This sequence integrates the shoulder girdle and arms into the vertical axis. We explore the dynamics of our arms and hands in common everyday activities.​


The Body at Rest

A guided visualization for shifting the affects of gravity and stress on our structure.

The Body at Rest is about revitalizing the body and relaxing the mind.


List Price is $20 includes tax and shipping in the US.​

Audio CD Alexander Technique

Listen to a sample of the CD




                     Taking a Stand


"I had a session of the Alexander Technique with Rita Rivera. It was incredible! It is like learning the proper posture from within. It really works! I felt the greatest relief for ​my back in years! I recommend the treatment to everyone!"


Thank you Rita.

​P. Materassi

"Each time I have used this CD, I have been rewarded by new insights and deepened body awareness.

I recommend this CD for anyone desiring better posture and freedom of movement"​​


Dr. David Crotty, Osteopath​

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