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The Solution to

Pain Free Living


The Solution To

Pain Free Living

In aging, trauma & accidents, professional demands, depression and health issues - our body pays the price.

Chronic back pain? Stiff and distracting neck discomfort? Does sitting trigger lower back issues?

Confused about posture? Watch my free video that addresses pain & imbalance in the body.


Presented by Rita Rivera Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Rita Rivera


Join me as I share my journey from two serious back injuries during my

dance career to a healed state where my body feels restored and is thriving.





 Pain Free Living Free Video

  • Learn 4 components that are necessary to restore balance


  • Build awareness and direct your thinking to make long lasting changes


  • Experience "Dynamic Posture" for relief of neck and back issues


  • Learn how you stand and sit is critical to being pain free


  • Experience the power of breathing and guided imagery to greatly reduce stress


  • Explore Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for root causes of emotions behind pain


  • Become aware of how professional demands and repetitive actions impact our posture and levels of discomfort


  • Discover tools that allow you to age with grace in your movements


  • Incorporate skills that support you when healing from trauma, injury or accidents

Click Here for Access to the Video
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