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Shamanic & Visionary Support

tools for healing

The shamanic world was revealed to me, unexpectedly, after a sudden and profound personal healing. I was not seeking a shaman, nor did I ever dream of sitting in ceremony with teachers and mentors that would change my life. Yet I found myself traveling to Peru on multiple occasions to embrace the cosmology of this simple, quiet and unwritten tradition. Etched into my sensory memory are the sights, sounds, and smells of the old city of Cuszo and the mystical imprint of the shamanic ceremony.


Midnight at the ancient Incan shrine of Macchu Pichu, with low hanging clouds and llamas appearing and disappearing like apparitions, I was invited to venture beyond our tangible 3-D world. Shamanic whistling, icaros and palo santo invoked a fire within me to grow and experience life with new eyes. Little did I know that the shamanic path would break open and heal a closed and shattered heart...


You cannot hide when you walk the path of shamanism. It is the path to wholeness.



My journey lead me to study with extraordinary teachers and in its simplest definition, shamanism is about the power of the heart and presence. The shaman will act as a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds, tracking one's deepest fears and wounds that emerge for healing.



Shamanic & Visionary Support honors the practice of ritual and creates and holds sacred space for those on a healing journey. Deeply profound, Shamanic & Visionary Support, quiets the mind, serves to integrate the heart and opens one into a space of gratitude.


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and way of being with me. It's taken me several days to make the time and quiet to write you. After our session, I felt a lightness and ease, an integrity of movement and alignment. The chronic tightness, pain, inflammation that I normally live with seemed like a distant and curious memory. I left with a feeling of hope that I have not had in a long time. The heightened awareness that I noticed after our session reminded me of the quality of awareness that I have when I engage my spirit -whether through meditation, tai chi, aikido, music, ritual.


It was also incredibly easy to trust you and delve deeply with you. Your comment about confusion in my energy field touched a chord--spiritually and energetically. I find myself creating stories of fears, what ifs, or procrastinating real time tasks; thus, I have less space or energy to proactively search for clarity and direction.


I'd like to continue to continue our work.  Thank you. Natalie S.

Shamanic & Visionary Support

sessions usually run 2-3 hours

Please contact me for a free 10 minute consultation

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