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Discover the MELT Method

I recently returned from Portland, Oregon where I completed the Foot & Hand Treatment Certification for the MELT Method. The Melt Method, developed by Sue Hitzman, is a self-treatment system that assists in eliminating chronic pain and helps create a healthy, stable body that is efficient at work and at play!

The technique uses soft and firm balls and a softer roller along with easy and precise movements to release long-held tension. The MELT techniques re-balance the nervous system and improves the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms.

Using the Melt tools of balls and rollers, we re-hydrating the connection tissue of the body, directly impacting the levels of stress that gets stuck and held in the body.

I’ve discovered that the MELT Method and the Alexander Technique are an excellent pairing for keeping us balanced, agile and integrated. I’m looking forward to sharing this mew method with you in some introductory classes that will be coming up soon!

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