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What is Restorative Movement & Dance?

What is Restorative Movement & Dance?

The word “restorative” has a lot of traction in the world of yoga and other movement modalities – but, what does it really mean, and what do I mean when I describe my class as Restorative Movement & Dance?

The definition of restorative is, “having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being.

The design and focus in my Restorative Movement & Dance classes are to bring about a “restorative” experience for the body/mind continuum. I approach this by guiding a refinement of kinesthic awareness and sensory awareness.

  • Kinesthic awareness is the sense that detects bodily position, weight, or movement

  • Sensory awareness is your experience to directly focus on some specific aspect of the body, either outer or inner environment

By using simple repetitive and focused movements of rolling on the floor, to walking, to engaging more technical coordination of a dance class we begin to re-pattern, integrate and strengthen a more fluid and easeful experience in our body.

We learn to engage our mind to direct our thinking and our focused thoughts guide sensory awareness, integrating new kinesthic patterns leading to full-body restorative integration.

We usually begin class on the floor, allowing the back and spine to rest as we explore hip sockets, spiraling and the difference between lengthened and engaged muscles to de-contracted muscles. We will often work at the barre followed by simple, almost pedestrian walking movements that build into technical dance sequences.

Classes are on Saturday Mornings 10am -11:15 followed by Melt at 11:30.

Motion Pacific Dance Studio, downtown Santa Cruz.

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