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Private In-Person: Alexander Technique

Movement Coaching

Our Posture Reflects Our Life


Consider some dynamics that strongly influence our posture and our presence in the world:

  • Our thoughts

  • The way we breathe​ & speak​​​

  • Past and present experiences & beliefs

  • Traumas

  • Habits

  • Professional demands

  • Aging

  • Unconscious and stuck stress

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Self Study:
Your Brilliant Back/ Posture Reboot

Click on the picture below to discover more about the self guided 28 Day Program.


Your Brilliant Back Program guides you in embodying the necessary components to restore balance & coordination in under 10 minutes a day!

  • Build awareness

  • Direct your thinking to support change

  • Experience "Dynamic Posture"

  • Support graceful aging

  • Learn how to stand and sit properly

  • Breathe well

  • Unwind stress patterns

  • Incorporate skills when healing from trauma, injury or accidents


Virtual Program

Alexander Technique

Movement Coaching

Learn more about my Virtual Program. Click the image below.

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Dance & Restorative Movement

Chigong & Restorative Movement

Melt & Restorative Movement

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