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Enjoy these complimentary videos from my 28 day Posture Program, "Your Brilliant Back" inspired by the Alexander Technique.

For the Full Program:


The Brilliant Back Posture Reboot will improve your posture and assist in relieving discomfort and pain caused by stress and tension.

Confidently move through your day with a new-found awareness of how cultivating balance brings more freedom in standing, sitting and walking.

Your Brilliant Back is a methodical process that aims to build your awareness around the fundamentals of achieving a balanced and dynamic posture that will serve you in all daily activities and sets a trajectory for long lasting results.





What you can expect from the program

Experience Your Body’s Natural Balance, as you learn skills for long term health.

  • Apply the basic principles of the Alexander Technique, learn basic anatomy to guide your journey

  • Begin the process of healing old injuries, decreasing stress on joints & safeguard intervertebral discs

  • Experience more vitality & fluidity in your back and spine

  • Tools to build awareness in assisting you in healing and aging


This is not an exercise program. We use "Subtle Motions" and "Micro-movements" to work with areas that are stuck or holding tension.

In the 28 day program

You are guided to embody the components that are necessary to restore balance & coordination

  • We focus on building awareness and directing our thinking to support long lasting changes

  • Experience "Dynamic Posture" for relief of neck and back issues and support graceful aging

  • You learn that how you stand and how you sit is critical to being pain free and having a healthy back

  • You experience the power of breathing and guided imagery to greatly reduce stress

  • Understand how to undo stress patterns caused by professional demands and repetitive actions

  • Incorporate skills that support you when healing from trauma, injury or accidents

Overview of the 28 Day Program

Week 1 Days 1-7

Freeing the Neck & Back

In this foundational week, I lay the groundwork for our journey.

You will learn:

  • The importance of becoming the observer.

  • What is Restorative Rest and how to practice it, setting the framework for resetting patterns of stress and tension.

  • Simple anatomy that will give you a visual guide to focus your attention on.

  • Learn a foundational principle of the Alexander Technique, “Free the Neck”. What does that mean? And how you do it.

  • How building awareness and releasing key points around the head and neck contribute to lengthening and widening the back.

  • A simple and calming breathing focus.

Days 8 & 9 Restorative Rest and Reset

Week 2 Days 10-16

The Balanced Body

Using the principles that we set-up in our first week, we begin the exploration of fine-tuning weights and balances.

We will explore:

  • The relationships of our torso.

  • Our feet and how we stand.

  • How we balance.

  • How are legs integrate into our pelvis and low back.

  • Carriage of the shoulder girdle.

  • Using our arms.

Day 17 & 18 Restorative Rest & Reset

Week 3 Days 19-25

Easeful and Fluid Motion

Completing our first two weeks has paved the way to turn our focus on how we move.

We will turn our attention to finding ease and fluidity in:

  • Sitting and standing with ease.

  • The 3 movements that are essential for a healthy spine.

  • How to experience more ease and fluidity in your spine.

  • Exploring breathing from different perspectives.

Day 26 &27 Restorative Rest and Reset

Day 28 Guided Meditation

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