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What Were They Thinking?

Our Posture Tells A Story...

Times have changed, our beliefs change, our thinking changes and our posture reflects all that and more. We have so many tools available to us to remain healthy, fit and vital. Free of corsets and limited thinking.

Powerful tools like meditation can lead to calming the mind and reducing our stress levels. Exploring creative expression to find fulfillment. Working with our mind and directing our thinking, can support balanced responses to life situations.

Our posture is an integrated dynamic that encompasses many things. Without being conscious, we are at the mercy of gravity, injury, repetitive actions and cultural / peer pressures. Taking lessons in the Alexander Technique is helpful in focusing our attention on the way we “use ourselves” in all of our daily activities – from brushing our teeth to more complex and demanding activities – all actions, reflect our consciousness.

Consider some of the dynamics that strongly influence our posture and the way we show up in the world:

Our thoughts

The way we breathe and speak

Past and present experiences and beliefs



Professional demands


It’s never too early or too late to take the time to focus on building awareness on how you engage in activities. Honor your posture by finding more breath, more fluidity, more grace and allow that to be a foundational principle in your movements!

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