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Chronic Pain Issues?

Try the Melt Method for chronic issues.

This Friday, April 7th, I will be teaching a 2-hour workshop on the Melt Method. The Melt hand and foot treatments are a great tool to hydrate connective tissue and work through stuck stress patterns in the body.

Stability is a critical component to be active and pain free. So, how do we move without compressing joints, how do we move without creating poor postural patterns in the body? What does it mean to be integrated in our movements?

I will also be incorporating the foundations principles of the Alexander Technique to support our understanding of embodying a stable and integrated structure.

The workshop will highlight one of the most under recognized systems that provide stabilization – the Connective Tissue System.

Come join us at Spector Dance 5:30-7:30pm in Monterey.

More Info: 831 384-1050

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