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Stability & Integration create Ease & Grace in a Balanced Structure.

The Alexander Technique & Melt Method

I took my first Alexander lesson at 20 years young when I was living in New York. I had the extraordinary fortune of studying with some of the greatest influences in contemporary dance in our county. It was a rich time and when I discovered the Alexander Technique, my complete approach to dance training changed.

More recent is my involvement with the Melt Method that uses soft balls and a soft roller to lessen tension in the body.

I have found the combination of the Alexander Technique and the Melt Method to be an exceptional combination in our desired goals for stability & integration in a healthy and balanced structure.

We unconsciously build poor habits in our body and posture, and these habits begin when we are young. Some of the dynamics that influence our posture are accidents, repetitive habits, professional demands, our beliefs and aging. So many things weave together into our physical patterning, all influencing our overall health and these patterns set up a trajectory of how we will age.

From the lens of the Alexander Technique, which is based more on a muscular-skeletal approach, our alignment and how we move is based on fundamental principles.

From the lens of the Melt Method, we work with the most under recognized system of the body, the connective tissue system.

If you are interested in exploring both the Alexander Technique, I am offering a Fundamentals Workshop this Sunday April 8th, Sunday afternoon at Breathe Yoga in Los Gatos. For more info:

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