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Restorative Dance and the Alexander Technique

Most of us love to dance and as children we were free and uninhibited in our movement. A dear friend recently told me that he was a “closet dancer” - and danced like mad when no one was looking! It’s unfortunate that some of us spend too much time judging our body, judging the way we move and are unhappy with the limitations that we perceive.

Restorative Dance is a class that I have wanted to teach for a while. The class will move at a pace that gives one the opportunity to sense and feel what is happening in the body, paving the way to become conscious of how we are integrating and coordinating movement. The class will focus on the principles of the Alexander Technique within the structure of a beginning dance class. We will be on the floor, lying and sitting, move into standing awareness and simple repetitive sequences to assist us in maintaining the release that we experience on the floor.

Restorative Dance is much more than a typical approach to dance, which is usually through the muscular skeletal system. We will broaden our reach into exploring how one embodies and integrates fluid awareness as an important dynamic to whole body movement.

Restorative Dance celebrates intelligence, grace and strength in our BodyMind integration. This is a class that calls out to anyone who has been injured or dealing with old injuries. It’s an excellent starting point for someone who always wanted to explore dance, someone who has not danced in a very long time and it will also allow someone who has been studying the Alexander Technique to take the principles that have been taught to another level of fulfillment.

Classes this February 2016 in Santa Cruz.

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